Monday, August 12, 2013

So I stumbled upon a pin on Pinterest. GASP!  It motivated me to go out to the store and SHOP!  I picked up some deals on some boneless skinless chicken thighs and breasts, a giant pork tenderloin, and a beef pot roast. I also had picked up a couple bottles of salad dressing/marinade.  One bottle of Italian cheese, and one bottle of Caesar dressing.  I got home, and started losing interest.  IN A HURRY!  I did manage to muster up some energy to prep this meat, but didn't prep veggies or whole meals to dump in the crock pot.  I'll still have to make sure I go to the store to finish off these meals someday, but at least I have a small head start!

Shout out to the blog that motivated me to do my teeny tiny bit of planning ahead:

Word!  She has a great blog!  She also has links to some cookbooks that I may get someday!

I had gotten the chicken breasts and thighs before the beef and pork.  I had prepped them about a week before.  I had cooked up half of each and put them in a gallon sized freezer bag and laid it out in the freezer so they would be "individually frozen".  The others I split up, into half and half in quart sized freezer vacuum bags, and also froze them, no seasoning, so they will be good for anything.

I took the pot roast (2.5 lbs.) forked it full of holes, plopped it into a gallon freezer bag and dumped in the Italian dressing.  I squished it around, and sealed it up while squeezing out the air.  That bad boy pork loin was calling my name next.  I quickly decided that I was going to hack it in half, and dump the Caesar dressing on it the same as the Italian and pot roast!  All three hunks of meat are now happy in the freezer.

I've use the pre-cooked chicken in a couple of meals (one of which we will try tomorrow...I'll try to keep you posted!).  I took a breast and two small thighs and simmered it on the stove (straight from the freezer) in 3 cups chicken stock, and a can of diced tomatoes for approximately 2 hours.  I then shredded it, seasoned it with chili powder, Italian herb blend, and salt and pepper.  I added a cup of frozen corn, a boil in bag white rice, and a can of white beans.  It was a yummy lunch, and many yummy lunches to follow, as I split up into 4 more servings, and froze them for lunches at work!

I wish I had taken super yummy pictures to keep you interested.  I'll try to do better!

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