Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Party Minion Cupcakes

My children both have their birthday in October.  This year, my ex husband and I are on much better terms, and decided to have a party with the boys, their friends, and both our families.  We didn't have a theme, or rather the theme was everything!  Transformers, Power Rangers, How to Train Your Dragon, and more.  As a former grocery store cake decorator, I fancy myself talented to a degree in this department.  While on Pinterest (LOVE) I happened upon the MINION CUPCAKES.  This was a great way to round out the everything theme!  After browsing a few sites that I found via GOOGLE.  I ultimately decided to make these yummy treats after seeing the great close up pictures.  I'll give a little explanation, and make my best attempt at loading pictures to so you can see how this went down.  I did different hair on each minion, and let my boys pick the eye colors, and weather it had one eye or two.

What you need:

Cupcakes, frosted
Chocolate frosting or black decorators gel
Smarties Candies
Sandwich or cake decorating bag (if you are using frosting)

I made one dozen cupcakes and a single layer cake.  I do suggest only making the minions just before the party!  I made mine the night before and they did get a little stale (as stale as a twinkie can get anyway!)

Start by cutting the twinkies in half for as many cupcakes as you need.  Lay them out on parchment paper.  If you are using frosting, you will then need to put some of the chocolate frosting in the baggie or decorators bag and cut the tip pretty small!  Next, make a blob to stick your eye/eyes on.  Place the smarties on the blob, and outline making it look like glasses or goggles.  You can then use the gel or frosting to draw a mouth, and hair sprouts.

Great!  Now, you want to make sure you don't have too much frosting on the cupcakes, or too little!  just under 1/4 inch of frosting is about what I had on mine.  enough to make them stick, but not so much it buried the minions!

I didn't have an extra cake carrier for these bad boys.  I had made the plain decorated single layer cake in my dome!  I just had to be extra careful not to tip them over!

This is a very fun project!  It was a HUGE hit at the party!

You can find lots of examples of this on the web too!  Enjoy!

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